A beautiful, but unfinished platformer

Iconoclasts is an unfinished platform action game by indie developer Konjak. View full description


  • Looks great
  • Well designed
  • Tight controls


  • Unfinished


Iconoclasts is an unfinished platform action game by indie developer Konjak.

You play as a 'rogue mechanic' named Robin, who lives in a repressive world where her skills are outlawed. This means you get to run, jump and climb your way around Iconoclasts' gorgeous pixel art levels shooting enemies and fighting mechanical bosses.

The basic gameplay of Iconoclasts is reminiscent of MegaMan Zero, and the brightly colored cartoon graphics also have this 16-bit era look to them. The controls are simple enough, and the jumping is tight and accurate. Shooting involves a semi-automatic aiming system which for the most part works very well. Robin has two types of shot, a simple fast one, and a power shot that requires the fire button to be held down.

Despite being unfinished, if you're a platforming fan you should definitely check Iconoclasts out. It really is very pretty, and the retro gameplay is spot on. Hopefully with more support the developer will continue this really special game.

Iconoclasts is a fantastic little platform game, with great graphics and playability.




User reviews about Iconoclasts

  • quinn.bailes.3

    by quinn.bailes.3

    "Beautiful scenery plus good story line, and playability equals great game"

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